Wrong correspondence when using formula

So I have this table. See the formula field with the numbers 2 and 3 for the Britador?

It’s this formula

Britador is a connected record field on PARTE_DIARIA table. The V_LOOKUP field for some reason can´t use connected record fields. So when I use it, I can´t see the BRITADOR field.

BUT using a formula, I can get it.

HOWEVER… the result 2 or 3 is WEIRD.

Because this is the source table for that field

As you can see, 2 or 3 do not match the RECORD ID field, nor the Código Equipamento Field (which is the label).

Hey @RogerPenna

This formula here: {{parte_diaria.britador_2}} parte_diaria refers to the tables name, but which field is “britador_2”?

Aren’t you trying to get the data from the “codigo_equipamento…” field? Or britador_2 was the old name for this field? Just trying to understand

Another thing, if you want to get the record Id to the formula field, I believe would be something like: {{parte_diaria.name}}

Hi Marcos.

Britador_2 is the field Britador you see here (6th column). The screenshot is from table PARTE DIARIA

So the first screenshot in this thread is from table BASCULAMENTOS… from there I get the PARTE_DIARIA and the Britador used.

Although I would like to know why it did not work like I did above, I solved it through another way. I used a LOOKUP column at Parte Diaria searching for the BRITADOR column… so it transformed the connected record into a TEXT.

The LOOKUP column was easily picked with it’s text with the BRITADOR names, into the BASCULAMENTOS table.