When I connect two tables using the connect tables field, I still can't choose which column of the connected table I want to see

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Hey @brennovn.

You still cannot select the column you will see in the connected field, but when you create a Connects tables field, a summary of connected records is automatically created on the table you’re connecting to. On the example below, you can check purchases attributed to Alpha Inc on the upper right panel.

Scrolling down the connected record creation page, you’ll find the option to filter the connected records

This way you can filter the connect table field to only show specific filtered informations

You can learn more here: Connect tables

Você ainda não pode selecionar a coluna que verá no campo conectado, mas quando você cria um campo de tabelas Conectadas, um resumo dos registros conectados é criado automaticamente na tabela que você está conectando. No exemplo abaixo, você pode verificar as compras atribuídas à Alpha Inc no painel superior direito.

Um outro ponto é que descendo um pouco mais na página de criação do campo de registros conectados, você encontrará a opção de filtrar os registros conectados. Desta forma, você pode filtrar o campo da tabela de conexão para mostrar apenas informações filtradas específicas

Hi, Marcos. Thanks for clarifying!

I still believe this is a deal-breaker since I can replicate what I’m trying to in Jestor using SharePoint. Let me elucidate a little more to confirm that I cannot do what I would like to do.

Imagine that I have 2 tables: client and sales. When someone wants to select a client in the sales table, and the client’s name isn’t — correctly — the ID in the client’s table, the person would have to remember the client’s ID instead of selecting the client’s name, right? If yes, is there any way I could circumvent that?

Hey @brennovn

You can edit the Identifier field and select the option “Use it as a “Name” field” instead of sequential ID, this way you’ll always see the client name instead of an ID

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Most databases and database apps have two things… ID field and LABEL field.

The ID field is the one that can not repeat. You can several Johns (that thus can´t be an ID field) but each John has a speficic Social Security number. A Social Security number can be an ID field.

But the label is what you want the user to see not the record identifier.

An unlike ID fields, the label can be calculated fields. So you can create a formula field concatenating first name, last name and date of birth and select THAT as label, so while to the system, the id field will be used, to the USER, he will see John Smith 5/4/85 and Mark Johnson, 29/10/73, etc

Jestor allows that.

See image below… the Risks ID is just a code… but then there is Nome do Risco (Risk Title) which I can select as “rótulo” (label)