When having several components in an app, how to filter data on one component by selecting a record from another component (related table)?

Lets say I have a table for KPIs (KPIMain. First table has KPI name, owner, description, etc.
Second table has the data, by month or week

I create several KPIs and each has like 12 records (one for each month in the past year) in the related table. (KPIData)

I have a dashboard with a table component of the KPIMain table, a single record component of the KPI Maintable and a Line Chart component of the KPIData table.

When I click on one of the KPI’s from the table, single record component should show that record. And the Line Chart component should show the data related to that record.

It’s a little logical since that is the power of relational databases. And it’s how PowerBI, Google DataStudio, AppSheet Dashboards, etc, work.

Is there anyway to do that currently or is something Jestor is planning for the future?

For this you must create a Filter Magnet component to create buttons, each one for a specific filter in which you can affect more than one component at the same time in your dashboard

Here’s how to create:

Would I need to create a button for each KPI?

If it’s a list field, you would need to create only one button to select it. Did you already try to create a filter magnet component?

I tried other day but it misteriously was not working.

I created today and did the same thing and it’s working. So I don´t know what I did wrong last time.

Anyway, I create a Filter of the TEXT type. And I have it containing the name or record ID of the KPI.

However, the KPI data is of course in a related table. And I can´t filter data from the related table by the field that matter (related table field) which contains either KPI name or KPI RecordID.

I have two components with related table data. A table and a chart. The KPI edit button, when selecting those components, only give me the option to use fields Creator and RecordID (but it’s record ID of the values table, not of the parent table)

I even created a calculated field on the related table, fetching the parent table record name. But the calculated field ALSO does not appear on the options for the chart component or for the table component

this is the table with the values, which I am not being able to filter (both table and chart) based on the FK or calculated “Pegar Indicador” fields.

Also tried now using a Record ID filter.

So I selected the KPI table to get the RecordIDs and apply into the KPIData table and chart components.

This method allowed me to select, from KPIData, the FK (related table) field.

But it doesn´t work. I select the filter, it gives me choices of RecordID to select, but none of the selections influence the filter in the related table and chart components of the related table KPIData.

Basically, what I need is equivalent to filter by the BUILDING field in the Filter Magnet Example in the Jestor Docs

For each component that you want the filter to “affect it” you must add by clicking on the blue button, as I can see, you only selected the “Dados” component, you need to add the “Gráfico" as well in the same filter in order for the filter to affect both on the same time


I know that Marcos. But actually, I can´t filter any of the components with the related table.
Notice that it’s not filtering the Dados either. (please, refer to the image showing the filter with the ID aaa112 and the Dados Component is not filtering by aaa112

EDIT: and now it worked. Deleted one component. Changed the name of the other, and it worked. :partying_face:

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Oh great! I was checking with our team and looks like they were working on some upgrades on the filter, but now it’s all 100% :slight_smile: