What exactly is the difference, in theory and practice, between connecting tables using the Connected Records FIELD vs Add Connection from inside a record?

Can the impressions below be confirmed?

1 - The Connected Records field creates a n-1 relationship to the selected table. Meaning that each record in the current table can select only ONE record from the other table. But the other table can have several records connected to each record of the first table, right?

2 - When a Connected Records field is created, you won´t see it in the relationships panel of the records of that same table. (because that will be on the form itself, as a field)

3 - When creating a connection from the Add Connection, neither first table nor second will have fields indicating the connection At least no field visible to user?



Hey @RogerPenna

It’s basically the same thing :slight_smile:

Add a connected record inside a record is just a shortcut to create a new record on the connected table

“Add a connected record inside a record is just a shortcut to create a new record on the connected table”

ah, so to make it easier than opening the other table and creating a new field.

Yes! When you click on “+Add connection” a list of tables will appear for you to choose and create a connected record field in this other table and also will already appear on the “Relacionados” tab inside the record like in the screenshot you just sent.

If you go to the table that you created the new connected record field and it’s not visible, just unhide it by going on the edit view option
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 18.04.09

Thanks Marcos. I think I already knew that, but before I opened this thread I was checking some of my tables with connections that could be seen in the Record level, and I was not finding the Connect Record Field on the connected table. But I guess I got a little confused with the name of the column (it’s automatically created, on the OTHER table, with the name of the table you are in right)

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