Using lowCode to select a tag

Hi. I’m trying to select tag’s option. It’s working with one tag and not working with another.

Inside field “tags” when selected “tag2” it works, but when change the code for “tag1” dont work and remove tag option previous selected.

Hey @fernando.nakandakari can you help Vinicius?

Hey @vinimenezes

I suspect I know what’s happening. Is that tag1 the first tag in the list of tags?

@fernando.nakandakari Yes! Has 3 tags, the first and last are not working.

Hey @vinimenezes

Thanks for your feedback. I ran some tests and some positions are really bugging when attempting to use tags via low-code. That’s because tags operate on a different mechanism than single select fields (the actual tag has a random id, not just the string/label).

The team has already identified the issue and developed a fix. It’s now being reviewed. We’ll be notified on our Discord server when the fix goes live :slight_smile:

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Thanks @fernando.nakandakari