Using formula field

We see that it´s possible use “if” inside the formula field, but we don’t know the sintaxe for this method. We tried using like the same sintaxe of php on lowcode too. Could you guys help us?

Hey @vinimenezes

Could you show us which formula and the logic you’re trying to use?

I want to return a number in every card that have a specific code in one column.
Something like this:
if(code_column == FD87H){
return 22;
Then 22 would be the content for this field.

@vinimenezes the correct format of the formula would be this one: IF(condition, value_if_true, value_if_false)

Did you already try?

@marcos.figueiredo say that sintaxe is wrong.
I’ve tried some ways like this but don’t work: IF({{code_column}}={{FD87H}}, 22, 0)

Hey @vinimenezes

I think FD87H would be a fixed value, not a dynamic field, right? If that’s so, correct syntax would be:

IF({{code_column}}="FD87H", 22, 0)

As you can see in the examples below.

Let me know if it doesn’t work out for you!

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Yes, worked. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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can I use the IF formula to create an INDEX MATCH type formula?

If not, is there another function I can use?

What I want to have is a value (the Priority Ranking number) automatically generated if the related column has a specified single selection choice (ie my selection is a Priority Descriptor such as CRITICAL AND URGENT; if that is the selection, I want the next column PRIORITY RANKING to generate the figure 1.

NB: The active Table is a Task table; I am using the single selection field as a related Record from the Priority Descriptor Table to give me the drop down values and the Priority Ranking is aligned with the Descriptors on the Priority Descriptor Table.

The flow is Task Name (fixed field in the Task Table)/Priority Descriptor (single selection field from the related record) / Priority Ranking (automatically generated based on the drop down selection)