Using Concat in formula

when using concat in formula, why can’t i use the normal space separator

eg CONCAT({{field}}, " " , {{field}})?

Won’t solve for that but will solve for
comma seperator

CONCAT({{field}}, ", " , {{field}})

Does Jestor not follow standard MYSQL syntax for formulae? or am i doing something wrong?

Hey @mcmdennis

If you click in the text box to write the formula and scroll down, you see all supported formulas and how to use them

did that. but no syntax to put spacing between concatted expressions?

Jestor is working to make this field more robust.

@mcmdennis – For now, you can use use parentheses to accomplish concatenating a space. Something like this:

CONCAT({{field}},(" "),{{field2}})

I also noted a little more about it here: