Unable to multiply or use the results of two formula fields in another formula field

So I have a Single Option field, where I say an item is an Opportunity or a Threat.
Then I have another Single Option Formula Field where I give an importance to the item. From Very Important to Not Important.

I have a Formula Field where depending on Importance chosen, I get a NUMBER result from 10 to 0.

Then I created a formula field to give a separate rating for Opportunities and Threat items.

I tried it two different ways. None worked.

Opportunity Rating

below… first item is opportunity… thus it matches the conditional, so result should be that 10 from PontImport. However, I am getting a ZERO. The second item is not opportunity, so end result is correct (zero)

SECOND: second method uses the ClassOp and ClassAm columns. This method also failed.
In this method, ClassUp checks if Classificação is Opportunity and gives me 1 if yes, 0 if no.
And ClassAm does the same, but if Classificação is a Thread (Ameaça)

Then, at Pontuação Oportunidade, I simply had a multiplication between ClassOp and PontImport… thus, if Oportunidade, the formula in the first record would be 1 * 10 = 10… if threat, formula would be 0 * 10 = 0.


However, I am getting a BLANK result when using this other method

Create a new table for testing, with simple numbers.

Two fields with numbers. Then two fields where those numbers are multiplied by an integer (2 and 3), then another field where the multiplications are summed.

Last field stays blank