Trick when created with condition with form not trigering/work

I whant to create a atuomation when a form is filled, but not when a user create an object from the same tamble as the form.
I tried to use the new trick (when created with condition) and used the fild created by.
Tried to match with the ID number of the form user (each form address a user ID for it) and the user name, but both failed.
Do you guys have any idea how to sove or work around this problem?

Hey @tiago

I’ve tested this new trigger (Created with Conditions) and it seems to not be working with created_by fields. I’ll have to check with the tech team on that.

However, a workaround you could use is having a checkbox to flag public form submissions:

And then use low-code to flag this:

Then use that flag field to trigger the trick:

This will work to have this trick only run when submitted by public form submissions :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply and work around.
I will try it.
Let me know when the bug is fixed.