Reporting bug code

@marcos.figueiredo On the code made with Jestor team i notice that our system pull data from endpoint of Stays is overwriting some reservation values.

The image above shows the response of endpoint of stays when a reservation was created.

This image shows a new reservation created, for the same guest but in other property, about 20 minutes after.

Then, inside Jestor, the “buyPrice” of first reservation was overwrited. Should be 145.86 for the first reservation and 137.28 for the second. On the arrow blue is “buyPrice” and arrow yellow the id of property.

We do not found the issue, could you guys help us to fix it?

@fernando.nakandakari can you help Vinicius please?

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Hey @vinimenezes

Can you copy the code for the webhook integration and send it in a .txt to

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@fernando.nakandakari Yes! Sent.

@fernando.nakandakari Hi! Was possible to get some response for this question?

@marcos.figueiredo Can you guys give a litle help here? Tks

Hi @samuel ,

I went through the code and couldn’t find any logic errors in it. Going through it, however, I saw that there are some cases in which Jestor sends a call to Stays to verify some information, especially in those cases in which there’s more than one reservation made in the same day by the same guest.

I suspect the problem may be in how Stays sends back this info, but I’m not sure. However, the only way to test it would be making some API calls to Stays.

Could I make some read-only calls to Stays to validate the info? If you’re not comfortable with that, I can also tell you which calls should be made and your team can do it and send me the info.

Yes, can make the calls. @fernando.nakandakari

Hi @fernando.nakandakari. :slight_smile:

Was possible to see this question?