Percentage field is showing the wrong answer

Hi, Guys! We have one field on the table " Acomodações" called “Comissão de administração”, and the value for him come from lowCode. Let me show an example.

Captura de tela 2022-05-04 153118

We put this value “15” on the field, that is a percentage, but when we open the table the value is like this:
Captura de tela 2022-05-04 152748

And the register visualization is showing (value*10^-4):
Captura de tela 2022-05-04 153053

When we fix the value on the table the register visualization still wrong (value*10^-4).

Could you help us? @marcos.figueiredo

Hey @vinimenezes

thanks for reporting! Just sent to the team to analyze it!

Hey @vinimenezes

In low-code it’s necessary to put the percentage values equal to what would be in excel.

In this case for 15% it would be 0.15, another thing that may be a problem is to put the value as text when instead of number, so instead of $plano = '15' it would be $plano = 0.15

Ok, thank you! And about the register visualization?

One thing that I forgot, the value shown on register visualization is divided per 100, not by 10000. @marcos.figueiredo

Hey @vinimenezes

eveything should be solved if you apply the adjustments that I sent to you :slight_smile:

@marcos.figueiredo Adjustments are applied and are showing fine, but the register visualization is still wrong, is showing 0,15%.

Hey @vinimenezes

I’m already checking this out for you!