Pages and public links

Vinicius has asked: Can a custom page also be shared publically without the need to log in?

You can do it by using the component “Jestor Pages” in an App. You could build in a way that it’s the only component and share the app publically.

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Hey @fernando.nakandakari can you help us here? Vinicius is asking about the need to login to access the page component content

Hey guys

Vinicius, can you send us a screenshot or detail what’s happening a little bit more?

Just ran a test with a Page component and was able to access it in a public App just fine.



Is asking for login inside the page.

@fernando.nakandakari another question. With private link share, it´s possible to change the content of an app according to the each user?

@marcos.figueiredo know if the question above is possible?

Hey @vinimenezes !

Regarding the login screen, I’m relaying this to @renato.menegasso as I’m not sure if that’s the intended behavior of the app.

As for changing the content of an app dynamically, it’s not possible as of now.

  • In public link, it’ll always be the same app for everybody.
  • As a logged user, the components will be the same, but they’ll respect your user permissioning. This means if you have finance data in an app but a user doesn’t have permission to see finance data, the component will be empty.

Ok, thanks!! @fernando.nakandakari