Not able to send certaing fields to my API using tricks

Hey guys.

I’m using a trick that sends a jestor field via a post request to my platform’s URL. Some fields, jestor sends it to my API and I can save in my database, but others will not send anything and my API detects an empty value. I’ve tried to find what the fields that don’t work have in common, but I was unable to find anything.

I’m sending the URL of the webhook/endpoint, the POST method and the content type as json.

The first two images, I get a blank response in my API. The last one works as intended

Hey @fernando.nakandakari can you help him?

Hey @Espeschit

Could you also provide us with a screenshot of the trigger?

This will help us understand better what may have happened in this case :slight_smile:

The first image is the initial look of the trigger.

Second image is “When a field is changed”.

Last images are the Jestor Hook, with the API’s URL, the POST method, json content type and the body of the POST.

Anything more let me know!

Hey @Espeschit

Thanks for the reply!

I suspect the reason the webhook is failing is because the JSON you’re sending is not respecting JSON formatting.

Sending codigo_projeto_heap_up is working because it’s a number, but strings/text must be enclosed by “”. I’ve ran a few quick tests, and I believe something like this should work!


Can you test it on your end?

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That was it! Thank you, Fernando. Working perfectly now.