Microsoft Store Jestor link not working

Tried downloading the app from the MS store. It says

Even if the page was working, can’t you guys make Jestor available OUTSIDE the MS Store?

Hey @RogerPenna

Thanks for reporting! I’ll send it to the team to fix :slight_smile:

Any chance of having it OUTSIDE the MS Store? I hate the MS Store. It more often does not work than works.

Jestor is downloading from it for over 2 hours now. And the progress bar doesn´t seem to be progressing.

Hey @RogerPenna

Our team tested it, and worked just fine! Could be a connection issue. Could you please cancel this download and try again please?

You can only find Jestor’s app on MS, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS Store

I don´t see how to cancel the download at the MS Store. The gray button on the top right only has PAUSED and DOWNLOADING status.

It doesn´t really uses the browser download function. It calls this “MS Store App”.

Which is one of the reasons I dislike it.

I understand! The file is really light, so problably you’re facing a bad connection with the MS Store :frowning:

In the mean time, you can keep using jestor on your browser!