Launching Workspaces

Organize your teams and tools across your company in a home screen-like experience.

  • Focus your work in fewer tabs.
  • Add the same table and apps in different workspaces to avoid repeated tables.
  • Every time a new app is added to a workspace, it’s automatically added to all users.
  • Built for mobile use.


  • Attribute roles to workspaces.
  • Change colors and icons.
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Hi Marcos. When creating a new app, it says
“Selecione itens para seu workspace
Escolha tabelas, apps e bundles para sua equipe.”

Select itens for your workspace. choose tables, appes and BUNDLES for your team"

Bundles? Don´t remember reading this term before on this forum or documentation.

ps: just searched the forum AND the no code docs about the word “bundle” and found nothing, except this post where I wrote it.

Is it a new planned feature for the future?

Inside a workspace you can create “bundles” of tabs and apps, like in the example below in the Projects workspace you have a bundle of apps and tabs from projects, HR and Finance

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:grimacing: oops… sorry for my misundestanding.