Kanban and process flows vs field permissions


Usually, in a process flow, each user will be responsible for editing some fields, but not others. And if there is a flow, there is an order to follow.


User 1 must fill the first 4 fields of a form.

When those 4 fields are filled, flow goes to stage 2, where user 1 can still see stuff but can´t edit fields anymore. The next 2 fields of the form are only editable by User 2 (who can see but not edit the fields filled by user 1)

And so on and so forth. But I have no idea how can I do that. I can set user permissions for the entire table. How to set for specific fields?

Also, I am not sure how to change the status of a flow based on completion of 2 different fields.

I thought of creating a calculated field where IF field 1 was not empty AND field 2 was not empty, then TRUE.

So I would create a trick that when calculated field became TRUE, then it would change the flow stage.

Hey @RogerPenna

For this kind of permissioning you would need a little bit of low-code! It’s quite simple, but at the moment you can’t do this profile customization with no-code!

What do you think schedule a meeting with our team for us to understand better everything that you need and guide you through this customization?

ps: I have read this page

But although the page above tells that basically I can do everything I asked in the question above, it doesn´t say how (just that I can), and tells me to check the documentation. However, I found nothing about that in the documentation.

edit: ok, it seems this kind of advanced permissioning is only possible in the developers area, low code, right?

Yeah, that kind of complex permissioning at the moment you can only do it by using low-code! Here’s our documentation about complex access levels: Profiles and Access Levels

Ou team can guide you through it, if you’re interested, we can schedule a meeting :slight_smile:

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As I don´t think there is an AND function at formulas, I found another way that requires more fields. Each with a piece of the formula.

One calculated field to check each field that must be completed. IF “field1”<>" ", then 1, otherwise 0.

So each field completed results in another field with the number 1. Then you have a SUM field that will sum all fields that must be completed.

So you have 3 fields that must be completed to go to next status/flow task.

When you complete all 3, the sum in the 4th field will be 3. And then a trick… if Calculated Field = “3”, then change Status.

Interesting solution!

Another simpler one is using the checklist field: Checklist so when the checklist is completed(100%), then the record will be moved to the next stage! or instead of the action move to next stage you can use th update a record to update the status field

Yes, I thought of using the Checklist 100%.

However, the checklist itself is not really connected to the fields. If I want fields to be completed in the form, having the user to “check” the Checklist sounds like duplicate work. “Here, complete the field and below you confirm you completed the field above”. The checklist sounds more useful or reasonable to be used with “manual” tasks (Tasks done outside Jestor)