Jestor App can´t open anymore because it always opens in the same bugged table

I have a table that started giving me bug yesterday, when trying to edit records. (Diretório de Riscos).

At the browser, the window just stays blank, but the Jestor App closed when doing it.

The problem however, is that when trying to open it again, it always opens it seems where it stopped… in that table, in the record edit. Then I get this

followed by this

Hey @RogerPenna

Before send It to the team, could you make a test e clear your browser cache to see if it solves?

Chrome only or also Firefox and IE?

Does the app uses somehow the browser cache?

I will delete Chrome for now and try it. Thanks.

EDIT 1: cleared Chrome cache. App still hangs up. Will try IE cache.
EDIT 2: cleared MS Edge cache (no IE11 here). Still same problem with Jestor App.