Is there a way to have a different checklist based on a previous choice (either single select field or connect table field)?

To Inspect materials

For each different raw material category group, I want to have a different list of checks that the receiver must inspect before accepting it.

Hey @RogerPenna

At the moment you can’t, but we’re releasing a new feature which is the conditional field, I believe next week will be live for everybody :slight_smile:

With conditional field, you’ll be able to define when to show fields according to pre-set conditions in a very complete way.

Ok. In that case I would create all the checklists as different fields in the same table. And depending on drop down list or connected record, it would show one of those checklist fields, right?

Yes! In the record modal will only show the fields you defined for that condition :slight_smile:

Hey @RogerPenna

Good news! It’s already live and you can test it:)

Hi Marcos.

How can I test it? Is it a new type of field or a propriety of any type of field?

Hey @RogerPenna

It’s this new option on all tables! If it didn’t show up for you, just clear your browser cache and refresh the page :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 10.44.53

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yes, it appeared now. Thanks, will test it.

Hi Marcos. It seems that when selecting as condition a field that is a formula, it doesn´t let me select a condition (equal to “Drenagem Pluvial”, for example).

The field works however with connected fields… like Sessão Obra

But I need it to work with the connected field SERVIÇO, which for some reason is not working (“no options available”)

It’s worth noting however that the SERVIÇO field connects to this table… where you select from a list of services and the Section of the Construction Site… so as it’s all selections, the only available field to select is the ID as a code.

We really appreciate your feedback as it’s a feature still in Beta, it can happen! I’ve already sent it to the team to fix :slight_smile:

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Hey @RogerPenna

Could you give us a feedback if the Formulas issue is now working as expected?

I don´t think it’s working yet.

When setting the Condition selecting the formula field, there is no way to say what the condition is. It just “ends” at Select a Field

Btw, it also doesnt work with the LookUp field

@RogerPenna could you clear your browser cache and refresh the page to test again please?

Ok, now it shows the conditions when editing them and selecting the formula field.


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