Is there a way to add a comment to a record using a trick?

@william.christensen has asked if there’s a way to add a comment to a record using a trick

Hey @william.christensen at the moment you can’t. You can just do it by using lowcode.

@fernando.nakandakari could you explain how?

Yes please.

@marcos.figueiredo I think you’re mentioning my old account.

Hey @wmchristensen

You can create a comment with Jestor.create() by creating a comment on the “comments” table (it’s a standard table in Jestor that houses all comments in the account). Something like:

$newcomment = [
"description"=> $message,
"name" => "New Comment",
"id_reference" => "id_record",
"type_reference" => "table"

“type_reference” is the API name of the table you with to comment on (for example, “projects”).
“id_reference” is the ID of the record in the above table.

We should have a trick for chat/comments in the next few days, however, if you wish to to keep it all no-code.

Amazing! Ill wait and keep it no code.

Hey @wmchristensen

Just a heads up: comment trick went live yesterday! :slight_smile: