Is it possible to export a table to xls/csv? How to create reports

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Is it possible to export a table to xls?

To export data, just create a report with the information you would like to see! For this, access the Reports area (if it’s not in the menu, just press (CMD + K) or (CTRL + k) or click on the “Jump in” option next to Tabs on the left menu , then click on “see all tabs” and search for Reports. It’s this one:

Para exportar uma tabela, é só criar um relatório com as informações que você gostaria de ver!Basta acessar a área de Relatórios (se não estiver no menu, basta apertar a tecla (A) ou clicar nos três pontinhos ao lado de Tabs, ver todas as abas e pesquisar por Relatórios/Reports). É essa aqui:


Hey @eduardo & @isa.seabra – We also covered an answer to this briefly in a livestream today at about 29:28 to 33:44 in the video: New Roles feature and Sales CRM template - YouTube (Worth checking out!)

For those using Brazilian Portuguese, and want to learn even more we did an entire livestream about this: Relatórios: como agrupar dados e compartilhar qualquer informação do jestor - #Live 75 - YouTube

@marcos.figueiredo @dammon.burden About that, it is possible to export these data automaticaly every day or other period? Could be with lowCode or something.

Hey @vinimenezes when you create a report he’ll be always there up to date with the same settings! You just need to access and download it

@marcos.figueiredo Nice! But the main issue would be to export automatically for google sheets in real time, without having to go there to download. It would be possible?

@fernando.nakandakari do you know if there’s a way to do that with lowcode?

Hey @vinimenezes

It’s not possible to activate the Reports via lowcode, but you can create your own files if you know how to format them. For example, I created these two tables:

And using the following code, I was able to create a .csv file that brings me all the Active records from the first table.

$search = Jestor.loadData('customreports',['where' => ['status' => 'Active']]);
$report = "";
$headers = json_decode($search[0],true);
foreach($headers as $header => $value){
    $report = $report.$header.",";
$report = $report."\n";
foreach($search as $record){
    $record = json_decode($record,true);
    foreach($record as $fields){
        $report = $report.$fields.",";
    $report = $report."\n";
$file = Jestor.createNewFile($report,"csv");
$objectNew['file'] = $file;

Then I can open this .csv in Excel.

So you could have a scheduled trick running a function that assembles these reports. It can be harder for other formats such as .xlsx, though.

@fernando.nakandakari Ok, Thanks!

With this new interface, how to create a new report?

Hey @jean

To export data, just create a report with the information you would like to see! For this, access the Reports area clicking on the Jump in bar or pressing (CMD + K) or (CTRL + k) and search for reports ou relatórios

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Hi Marcos. I suppose the REPORTS tab must always be searched? You can´t have a link to it anymore?

Hey @RogerPenna at the moment yes! But pretty soon the reports will be visible on the left menu :slight_smile: