Invalid Date in List View Block of app

I have a Date Field that I set as Label

the table has connected records and buttons to insert the connected records.

As Jestor doesn´t allow Connected Tables while the record isn´t saved, I thought of making this workflow…

Using an APP, the employee (who will be very low level, probably only basic education (6a série no máximo, em bom português)) thus will have a BUTTON to create a new Day Record.

He selects the current day and clicks the button and it creates a record with that date inserted.

Now he can edit that Day Record, to put other info, and in theory, he will have access to the Connected Records buttons.

So I created a LIST VIEW filtered to current day.

It does work (shows only current day) but there is this INVALID DATE message and I have no idea why

When clicking the two buttons below to create connected records, the field that CONNECTS those records to the main record also display “INVALID DATE” message

Second parft of the problem is that the two Connected Records buttons do NOT appear inside the FORM in the app… like when you edit a record from the List View Block, the buttons do not appear.

I was able to add the buttons below the record in the List View itself, not when editing it.

Hey @RogerPenna

Thanks for reporting!

  • This invalid date looks like a label problem, i’ll send it to the team to analyze!

  • A better solution would be using the form component, there you can add connected data all together when creating a record instead of using the button to insert connected data after you create the record. If I got it right :slight_smile:

In the forms component you can add more than one table to create a record

Form or Form Multitable?

What is exactly the difference, considering the Form Component ALSO lets you select more than one table?

Both works in your case! In forms you can add fields from more than one table and it is visually as if it were all together. In the multi table, it only appears the tables that are connected and is separated as separate forms, but on the same component