How to use Jestor.loadData() to get a list of all tables

EN: Is there a way to use Jestor.loadData() to get a list of the account’s tables? Also, does it let you get a list of Apps/Dashboards, Pages, and Reports?

PT: Tem jeito de use Jestor.loadData para pegar lista das tabelas? App/Dash? Pages? Reports?

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Hey @fernando.nakandakari and @vinicius.belnuovo could you guys help @dammon.burden ?

Hey @dammon.burden

Not with a native method, but you can get this info via API calls (which you can post from low-code). If you send a POST call to, it should return a JSON with all the tables.


I think there are similar methods for Pages, but I don’t

Regarding Pages, there are similar methods but I’m not sure, maybe @vinicius.belnuovo can help you with that

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@fernando.nakandakari and @dammon.burden for pages don’t have any method to do it.

@vinicius.belnuovo the above didn’t work for the tables, but it worked great for the apps! Is there a way to get the table list without using curl?

This is what I used that worked for Apps/Dashboards:

$url = "";
$response  = Jestor.curlCall($url,array(
CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER => array('Content-Type: application/json',
CURLOPT_POST => true,));
$response = json_decode($response, true);

This was based on the information on the API documentation for listing records: list records

It would be cool to be able to build some low-code that can interact with getting table names/ids dynamically. Especially, if I didn’t want to hardcode a table name particularly, so it could be used in a template or something.

@dammon.burden I tested here and I could call.

Try to change the variable name $response to other thing.
Follow below my sample:

$url = “”;

$myResponse = Jestor.curlCall($url ,array(
‘Content-Type: application/json’,
‘Authorization: Bearer MY_TOKEN’

$data = json_decode($myResponse);

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