How to use formula fields?

It’s a very useful field where you can use formulas like datediff, concat etc

if you click on the text box “write your formula” and scroll down the options, the available functions will appear and how to use them!

Here’s our documentation to guide you:

I have a similar issue that my formula is not working, I am just creating this formula field to write on it the value of a connected record (that appears on the list). I am doing it because that value is the one who I want to set up as label for other forms, and the connected field is not possible to set up as label. Here are some images:

some comments on this ?

Hey @rigolino you can’t use the formula field as a label as well!

For the Formula, can you delete the field and try to create again and do same?

It was a Turkel idea of create a new field of formula to get ifo from a conected table, to set that formula field as Label. I already deleted the field and created one more tima and it is appearing error in the formula, attached the image.

The link for the documentation is not working anymore Marcos.

The date_add and date_diff formulas are not very clear. What is “INTERVAL value addunit”?

I tried this formula and it did´t work
IF({{urgência}}=“Muito Urgente”, DATE_ADD({{criado_em}},1), DATE_ADD({{criado_em}},2))

I want to add 1 day to the creation date as a limit for VERY URGENT tasks.

2 days for medium urgency.

and 7 days for low urgency.

Later I will use that formula result in a trick to set the task due date.

But right now, I just need to make the formula field work.

Hey @RogerPenna just updated the link for the documentation on this topic, here’s the new one: Formula

Also, here’s a detailed explanation on how to use the date_add function: MySQL DATE_ADD() Function

Basically, you need to use: ( date value, INTERVAL 1 day) in your case, {{criado_em}}, INTERVAL 1 day)