How to update a field of the record when it was already created - Using when a record is created with conditions

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I am trying a trick that is not working, I want to update a field of the record when it was already created, I want to concatenate some letters with the record Id already created. I used a trick “WHEN A RECORD IS CREATED WITH CONDITIONS (BETA/EXPERIMENTAL)”. I did 3 tricks because I want different values depending on the value of a connected field (I am using its Id for comparisson). It is not working, can you help me?

Hey @rigolino could you send me screenshots of the “trick” setup you did?

Of course, here are the images. There are 2 images for “WHEN” and 2 for Do.

Thanks! I need to take a look at your table structure. It would be better if you send to me a video showing around the structure of your table, the trick “not working” etc. You can send to for privacy

of course I will send in a few minutes

Watched the video! Helped a lot :slight_smile:

So, I ran some tests and you did the trick correctly! But looks like the trigger “When a record is created with conditions” is not getting data from connected record fields, so thats why its not working when you set up the “Company” to 4(which is the field ID).

I’ll pass it on to the team to analyze it better as the trigger is still on Beta/Experimental stage

ok thanks, yo return to me with new info right ?

Sure! I’ll let you know as soon the team analyze it!

Hey @rigolino

We just make some improvements in the trigger! You can use the ID or the name of the connected record and your trick must work! :slight_smile:

Could you try again?

I have already tasted, it is working now. Thanks.

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