How to select more than one item while using a connected table?

I want to select multiple items while using a connected table.

For example, my client has bought a couple of things from me (Say they are A, B and C). Instead of creating multiple entries for one invoice, I want to generate the entry of only one invoice and select all the things he has bought under one heading through a connected table (So that when I select invoice 001, I can select A, B and C togethter). How to do that?

Hey @yajur.lath,

Basically the logic is:

If you want to create a sales table that is connected to the clients table so when you open a client record you could see all sales history with this client. You need to first create a “client table”, for example with Name, email, phone and then create a “sales table” with all sales info you need and a connect table field to connect to the client table, something like the video below where we use a Pet table connected to the Owners table.