How to hide fields to specific users

A client has asked if she could hide two checkbox for only specific users to check

Yes, you can!

This is a specific permissioning customization, so at the moment you can only do using lowcode!

VocĂȘ consegue sim, mas no momento esse tipo de permissionamento especĂ­fico vocĂȘ sĂł consegue utilizando lowcode, acredito que o seu time consiga configurar essa regra de apenas certos usuĂĄrios com perfil X poderem visualizar aquele campo em especĂ­fico :blush:

There was another customer asking a similar question, and the low-code implementation can be seen here: User Permissions

Here is a link to the documentation about profiles/roles and access levels:

Based on the roadmap Jestor has talked about, you may be able to accomplish this via Roles in your account settings in the next few months. ( Noted in this YouTube livestream today @ around 5:15 here: New Roles feature and Sales CRM template - YouTube )

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