How to hide fields in Connected Records and Records fields?

At Table view I hide some fields.

However, when clicking at the Record view, all fields are shown.

And if that table is a connected record, from the other table, when seeing connected records, all fields are also shown.

This is specially troublesome at cellphone app, since some fields that you don´t need to show (like who created, when it was created, and key (if its a random key) occupy lots of space of the small screen.

Hey @RogerPenna

At the moment you can’t edit the fields that are visible on record view, but I just sent this feedback to the team to analyze it and also change this topic to product feedback

Hi Marcos. Not sure I was clear with my question.

I don´t really want to edit those fields. I don´t want them to appear so they won´t occupy space in the small screen.

Thats it @RogerPenna

You can edit the view in the record view, so all field will be visible there!