How to collect new subscribers through Typeform and add to a Mailchimp list automatically – no code required

5 steps to collect new subscribers through Typeform and add to a Mailchimp list automatically

1. Step One: Creating your form.

Go to Typeform and create a new form with all the information you’ll need from the submitter. In the case of a newsletter, this means contact information that helps you when reaching out to them (such as name and email address). You may also create other fields for interests, so you know what that specific person is looking for.

Tip: Typeform lets you customize not only the data fields, but also a lot of aesthetic details, so take advantage of this! A sleek, beautiful form can really help people trust you and your company.

2. Step Two: Creating your contact list.

Create a table in Jestor, name it “Contacts”, and add all the fields you’ve created in the form in Step One. The idea here is to get the information submitted and organize it into an easy to use database. This is a good idea should you wish to get more analytical about this information, such as creating charts to indicate the weekly number of new contacts, for example.

3. Step Three: Integrate the form to the contact list .

Now, let’s get the information from Typeform automatically. Open the tricks panel (by clicking on the bunny in the hat icon) and create a new trick. Give it a name and description so you can later identify this trick should you need to edit or deactivate it.

Now, as the trigger for this automation, select When a new response is received in Typeform. Connect your Typeform account and select the form you’ve created in Step One in the “Choose the form” dropdown field. Save this and choose the “Jestor – Create a new record” action. Select the “Contacts” table and match the information coming from the form to the fields in the contact list. Now, everytime someone submits the form, the information will be automatically sent to Jestor.

4. Step Four: Uploading a contact to Mailchimp .

Choose the “Mailchimp – Create subscriber” action. Connect your Mailchimp account and choose the list you wish to upload the subscriber to. Then, match the information you received in Jestor to the available fields in Mailchimp.

Tip: You may repeat this step for more than one list, so you upload the same contact to different mailing lists. That way, even if they unsubscribe from the “Promotional” list, they’ll still receive emails from the “Notices” list.

5. Step Five: Test your automation to make sure everything is working as planned.

Submit a new form entry with your own information. If you’ve set up everything right, two things should’ve happened:

  • A new lead record was created in your Jestor workflow.
  • A new subscriber was created in Mailchimp with the information you submitted.

Now, every time someone subscribes to your newsletter or registers for your services through a form submission, they’ll be automatically added to your mailing lists. Now, you don’t have to worry about manually copying information from sheets to other platforms. Instead, you can focus on creating perfecting your email marketing skills :wink: