Error when trying to duplicate table

At first I thought I could not duplicate this table because there was this bug where I could not edit the records.
But after I deleted the 50 records and reimported them using the new template, I was able to edit records again.

Except the Records IDs are wrong (they start at 51 to 100, instead of 1 to 50)

So I thought of duplicating the table, to see if the new table would start IDs from 0. But when trying to duplicate, I get the error below

Creating a new table from scratch with the same fields sucks because I have some TAGS and 1 Option Lists that have over 20 itens each… and I will have to type and select the color all over again.

Ok, actually, I just tried, and turns out I am unable to duplicate ANY table.

Every table I have that I try to duplicate I get this error.

Hey @RogerPenna

I just opened a request for the team to analyze what’s happening! Thanks for reporting