Error message related to missing base table during formula creation

Hi I am getting the below error message when I am trying to create a formula;

I know that the referenced table does not exist but I cannot where it is still being referenced within the task List table so I can disconnect or otherwise deal with the issue

please advise

and any suggestions on this cos its driving? me mad as well:)

Hey @mcmdennis I didn’t understand the issue here as the referenced table doesn’t exist! Could you give me more details?

wish i could:)

the first time i imported the priority tab from sheetd i didnt reset the table name so it came with the sheets filename prefix, which was messy

i did however do some connections before i archived so there may be some residual caching?

anyway i archived that original table and broke the connections and reimported again and renamed file to priority descriptors and reconnected the tables

but the error message seems to be saying there are some connections still to that now non-existent table:)

ghost in the machine?:slight_smile: