Dynamic Filter by user

I did not find how to do this with Filter Magnet or normal filter or Tricks/Automations.

But basically, you sometimes want’s a user to only see some records of a table, even if he has access to the table. Specially if he can edit the records.

Basically, it’s a filter of the USER TYPE FIELD, but instead of selecting a static user to filter, it would allow to filter based on the current user. (if current user equals or is different from USER TYPE FIELD) then filter by that user.

Aditionally, it could be improved by allowing selection of the current user department, group, etc.
So I could have a SELECTION box of GROUPS. And I select the SALES DEPARTMENT group.

The filter would apply when seeing a table, and if I am sales department, I would only see the records belonging to Sales Department (thus, not seeing sensitive data from other departments)

Hi @RogerPenna

In that case, for you to configure a filter based on the current user, you will need advanced permission, it is simple to configure, but it would need a bit of low-code

If you are interested in knowing more about it, I recommend scheduling a meeting with our team to better understand how to solve everything you need in your internal processes. If so, I can ask the team to send you an email :slight_smile: