Dynamic Embedded Link to GoogleMaps based on field

This link tells how to embed a Google Maps to your dashboard.
(Adding Google Maps to a dashboard – no code required)

But basically, it will give you a fixed Google Maps map location, which is independent of the rest of the dashboard.

GoogleMaps allow you to create your own map and share it, both link AND also iframe to embed in your site.

So suppose I want for example each manager to have their own maps and a single dashboard.
In the forms, they fill the forms, access Googlemaps, create their own maps, copy the link and paste the link in the form itself.

Then in the dashboard, they have a table filtered to their name, so they only see the records they created. And each one have a link for their map. When selecting a record they created, the Embedded Link Field, instead of being populated statically directly from the Dashboard editing, would just pull the link from the field supplied in the record.

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Hey @RogerPenna

Address field that automatically picks up google maps info along with the new maps component will be realeased soon :slight_smile:

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Hi Marcos.

The address field was released, but it wasn´t exactly the same as what I was talking about in this post. So the improvement/suggestion still stands.

I created several maps in Google Maps with several layers, areas, etc.
Each map has a link, and each record in my Jestor table refers to one of these different maps/links.

It’s not a simple address that I can insert in the Address Field.

Thus, it would be really important that the Embedded block could use a dynamic link based on a field of a table.

So each a time I choose a different record, a different map will be shown. (remember this is the Embedded block so I am talking about maps here, but could be different sheets, or calendars, or local temperatures, etc

For example, the block says
"here is a list of cool embedded blocks that you can build:

Imagine that I have a list of companies with stocks I manage and more details at Jestor.

I want to select that company and see it’s details recorded in Jestor AND the embedded field should show the stocks of THAT company in the dashboard.

That is not possible now because the Embedded link is fixed.

I don´t work with stocks, but just giving an example outside the maps field on the importance of dynamic embedded links.

Hey @RogerPenna

Did you already try to use the new Maps component (not the embed component)?

There is no field available to use. The field with the link I used to embed is not usable by the maps component. It uses an address field as source.

However, we often work in areas without address. And we need to mark whole streets or roads, or big construction sites and areas. Thus it is not simple an address.

But still, the dynamic embedded component would be important for other stuff besides maps.