Data Field for spliting a value between multiples categories

It would be very interesting to have a data field that would represent a split between categories.
It would be just like the new “Many-to-Many Connections” field, but each connection would receive a percentage, with all percentages summing to one.
This is a very common feature in financial and accounting systems when values or sums need to be split and allocated between categories.
For example, I have a table for “Departments”. Every expense is linked to a department, so I can sum up the total cost of each department. But it happens that some expenses are not from a single department but from multiples ones. The “Many-to-Many Connections” field does not work because it is not enough to indicate the departments, I also need the information of how much, or which share, goes to each department.
I wonder is there is another way to do the same with the fields already available.

To add an information, in financial and accounting systems, this is probably accomplished by having an additional table that connects “Departments” and “Expenses”. Each line would probably contain a department, and expense and a percentage.
The problem is that I’m not sure I can implement this on Jestor in a good way because Expenses are created by a form in an App. Even if I create this additional table, “Cost Sharing” for example, I don’t think I would be able to populate it when filling the form to create an expense.

Hey @Fernando_L you can speak in Portuguese a well if you prefer :slight_smile:

Exactly! What you said is correct! In this case you can use an auxiliary table and regarding the form, you can use the option to add connected records in the form itself.

accessing the form edit page, there is an option here that you can add a section to add a connected record, that is, in the same form you can create records in more than one table that is connected with the chosen one.