Creating an INDEX MATCH type formula generation from connected Records

can I use the IF formula to create an INDEX MATCH type formula?

If not, is there another function I can use to generate an INDEX MATCH result from connected records?

What I want to have is a value (the Priority Ranking number) automatically generated if the related column has a specified single selection choice (ie my selection is a Priority Descriptor such as CRITICAL AND URGENT; if that is the selection, I want the next column PRIORITY RANKING to generate the figure 1.

NB: The active Table is a Task table; I am using the single selection field as a related Record from the Priority Descriptor Table to give me the drop down values and the Priority Ranking is aligned with the Descriptors on the Priority Descriptor Table.

The flow is Task Name (fixed field in the Task Table)/Priority Descriptor (single selection field from the related record) / Priority Ranking (automatically generated based on the drop down selection)

@fernando.nakandakari can you help him?

Hey @mcmdennis

You could nest IFs in the formula to create what you need, but right now connected values are not fully compatible with the formula field, so it’s not possible yet.

I do believe we will have this updated in the next week or so, though :slight_smile:

i hope so

there are a number of other functions you get used to applying with Sheets that make them useful and easy to use (even with their limitations and complexity once you try to scale)

but chamging from spreadsheets to relational databases shouldn’t mean losing any of the features that make Sheets so useful