Created a BUTTON field. It appears on the table (grid) but when I click to add a new record, it does not show

What am I doing wrong? I searched the documentation but it doesn´t say anything about what kinds of forms the button appear.

Hey @RogerPenna

Could please show us with more details what you did and what you’re trying to do?

Yes, of course. Sorry, I guess I was not very clear.
This is the table. And there is the button Registrar Reclamação

and here on the Edit Record or Record View Tab, YESTERDAY I was NOT seeing that button. Which is here now. So maybe I am in an episode of Stranger Things lol

I guess topic closed, because I am going crazy?

Just to not waste space of the server and have this topic for something useful then, do buttons always stay on top of EDIT record modal?

Also, I noticed the BUTTON does not appear on the New Record modal, only on the edit.

Hey @RogerPenna

I don’t believe you were experiencing any issues, the button field don’t appear in the new record modal, only on the table or when you’re editing a record.

Buttons are used to activate a nocode action, so in order for it to work your record must been already created