Connected Records INSIDE the form, ordered just as any field

Right now, Jestor allows you to have a FIELD where you can select a single record from other table. That field can be ordered in your form.

However, when you have connected table where you can add multiple records, those stay on the right side of the form (a tab for comments and a tab for connected tables).

I think it would be very important to have an option to have the connected tables put IN ORDER in relation to other fields of a form.

So lets say I have a computer maintenance form. And there is this connected table where the user can create several problems with the computer.

However, before reporting the problems, I want the user to fill a checklist for common solutions.
“Turn off and on the computer”.
“Check if your house has energy at this very moment”
“Have you put on your glasses before saying the monitor is out of focus?”


Then AFTER completing the checklist, the user can create the list of problems.

RIGHT NOW, the user can just open the rightside panel for connected tables and create tons of problems, and only later check the main form, where he will see the checklist (that should be done before creating problems EXACTLY to prevent the user creating nonsensical problems with easy solutions)

This would also come in handy with the new CONDITIONAL FIELDS feature that went live today. The connected tables themselves could be hidden or shown, etc, based on conditions

Btw, maybe the connected tables could still appear on the right of the form, but somehow be linked to the left screen…that is… suppose I decide I want the Table Maintenance Problems of the Computer to be after the 4th field of the main form.

I can´t see or access it until I rolled the left form to the point after the 4th field, then it pulls up like an accordeon menu on the right side, showing the table…