Check Field not selected to show on my Form, but it's been showed

Hello Community!

I have created a check mark to be marked only by my team when that demand is been finalized. But I have not selected it on the creation of form, but it ignores and shows… letting the requestor to maybe mark that field finalized. The field “Finalizado” it’s not obligatory.
Configuration of form:

What the form is showing:

Could you please help?

Hey @leonardo.mattos

Just to confirm, you’re using the Forms component?

Correct it’s a Form Component on App.

Ok thanks!

Our team is already checking it out! :slight_smile:

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Hi Marcos, any update regarding this?

Hey @leonardo.mattos

our team just uploaded a fix. Could you confirm to us if it’s all working well now?

It’s fixed! Big thanks!


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