Capacity and velocity

A user has asked:

“What is the capacity of Jestor. I am involving my self on investing around about Jestor for make a decision of the tool I will need, and I don want to get a slow app in my mobile synchronizing on loading info because may be there are a lot of registers?”

Hey there,

The capacity of Jestor is based in which plan you decide to use, as you can see in detail below, so you can have unlimited Users, Automation, Records, Fields,Tables, Apps :slight_smile:

Regarding the velocity, Jestor is pretty fast and you can process a lot of data and automations in the same time

I can understand well the capacity of record. But how does it work in real time, when you sync or refresh the app, does it download registers to the mobil device? Because when there are thoudands of registers I think it will be a headache to the user. How does it work?

Hey @rigolino,

Of course, the mobile and desktop will always have the same data!

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