Cant get trick to work

tried setting up a trick in my task scheduler to do this for repeating tasks

once completion checkbox is checked for a task, create new record of same task without new date (this would be the basic truck, eventually would want a trick to auto complete next date based on either a frequency text such as Weekly (would add 7 days to get next date) or an integer related to the frequency text

see the screenshots of trick below

i expected to see a new record created duplicating the referenced task once the completion checkbox was checked

didnt happen

Hey @mcmdennis this is not the right setting. You need to write 1 or True, 0 or False in the checkbox in order to represent when the checkbox is checked(1 or true), create a task.

As I can see, you tried to add the ID value there.

I highly recommend you watch our videos on YouTube and read our documentation to learn more about how to build on jestor: What is jestor?

if you look at the image i have inserted 1 into the checkbox field

as per your guidance

that is not correct?

You have to write 1or true Here instead of {id_copy_……}

sorry sent wrong image

this is image showing 1 in checkbox

ah i see

its in the second action field

will change and try that now

Another point, in order for the trigger to be activated the checkbox must be checked(updated) in a already created record and not when you’re creating the record

ok, it was a record i created for the trick and also tried on previous existing tricks

i went through the trigger and the 2 actions as carefully as i could and tried to ensure any field options i chose were a) necessary and b) matched the field name, not any specific record (so the trigger would act on any task, which of course is the point:)

resaved, checked and unchecked a few tasks

still not creating new records

Please, send us a screenshot of the trigger and action settings please

will send screenshot flow

edit shot

when shot, only checkbox field is selected with a 1 in it

first action

NB in the due date field, which is currently let blank, what I would like to do is to add a future date based the {{frequency}} field or a related integer (if {{frequency}} = Weekly, due date for new record would be previous date plus 7

second action

tried to match fields to the {{field}} because everything about the new record should match the old record except for the new due date

Hey @mcmdennis

The {id…….} is the identification of a record in one tab. You don’t need to put it everywhere in all field when you’re a creating a trick.

Here’s an example on how to set up a trick: Sending WhatsApp messages and emails to update customers on shipping updates – no code required

In the create a task action you don’t need to write the {id….} in the task text, cause you already selected it here

To test the trick, did you created the record with the checkbox already checked? If yes, won’t work, the record have to be already created in order for the trigger(check the checkbox) to work. You can try by unchecking the one in the screenshot and checkin it again!

noted will retry

thank you guys for all your help

i know im taking up a big chunk of your time with all these issues and questions!

thank you very much

got it working

problem was my multiple creation and archiving of similar named tables and fields

once i went through all options for similar names, managed to get new record with all the right fields

learning curve:)

but to make it easier, could the system automatically define the right matching field for selection?

and if there are any suggestions on how to automatically update the new record with the relevant date for Repeating tasks (eg if frequency is weekly, new date would be old date plus 7) would appreciate the info:)

also had to change the checkbox value to 0, presumably because that was the state being changed FROM rather than what i thought it was, which the state being changed TO

thanks again

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In a few days we’ll release a new trick which is something like you want to automate with frequency, dates etc :slight_smile:

i guess no more testing for now