Cannot log into mobile app

downloaded app but cannot log in

get to log in page, click on log in with Google, popup tries to open but fails or opens to email page and freezes

try to log in with email and password, again opens to email page and freezes

have uninstalled and reinstalled, same result

last error message on login attempt was incorrect email

Hey @mcmdennis

Our team is already on it, at the moment you can login using your email and password :slight_smile:


just re-changed password in browser platform to try again, now can’t log in with email and password on browser either:)

can only log in through google on browser. still can’t do either on mobile app

Hey @mcmdennis as I can see, you’re trying to login without use your complete email. Could you try filling in the email address with for example

same result

will try again with a new changed password but I have already tried that so I don’t know…

ok that worked on browser

will try on app

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on app i can’t get past this screen

wont let me enter any text in the email field

On app, at the moment, you have to login using your email and password, we’re already trying to figure it out why can’t Sign in with Google

app is opening up to Google log in screen, bypassing the email option log in

will uninstall and reinstall to clear cache

un and reinstalled, seems to have cleared cache

can log in app through email and password but not yet through google (but you guys are still on that so wasn’t expecting that to work yet:)