Can´t edit a record (from a specific table) without getting an error message

Deleted all records previously created and created a new one. Error still persists. All other tables and their records work. It’s just this table.
And when trying to edit any record.

If instead of editing I click to open, it works.(of course, the moment I click the edit button in the opened record, I get the same error again)

It’s important to say this table HAD a connected table… I was testing connections and such. But it has no connected table field anymore (nor on the previously related table).

Hey @RogerPenna

Could you please send us the URL for this table?

As a test, can you try to clear your browser cache and try to edit the record again?

“As a test, can you try to clear your browser cache and try to edit the record again?”

The same thing happened both at Chrome as also in the Jestor Windows App AND the Android app, so I don´t think it is browser cache.

Ok thanks! I just sent your situation for the team to analyze it

I deleted and created new records. And the problem still persists when trying to edit a record.

Hey @RogerPenna

Our team is already working on a fix! I believe it will be ready this week!

I was not sure it was a bug or something wrong I had done.

Any indication of what caused the bug, so it can be avoided? Even with a fix, there is probably “best practices” that I violated haha

Hi Marcos.

I believe the team has their hands full. I can just re-create the table. It’s not populated anyway.

However, I would really appreciate some input in what caused the bug. Did I do something wrong, so I can avoid the problem next time?

Hey @RogerPenna you didn’t do anything wrong. It was just an instability that our team is already fixing :slight_smile:

"you didn’t do anything wrong"

A database manager (person, not system) would probably disagree with you. haha
They all go very careful and doing analysis of what they can and cannot delete, order, etc.

And we final users are just like “well, let me create a relationship here… well, I will delete it and do the inverse. No, I will delete again and check what happens”.

Every nocode software must be able to deal with this NIGHTMARE lol