Are n-n relationships possible with Jestor?

I have several meetings. Each meeting can have several participants. Each participant can participate of several meetings.

It’s an n-n

Does it work if I create a third table meetingsxparticipants?

Do I go to the meetingsxparticipants table and create fields to connect to the meetings table and another field to the participants table?

Hey @RogerPenna

In Jestor all connections are made as 1:1 or n:1 connections(How to scale: The 3-Laws of Process Building - Jestor). This means you can always follow connections and end up in a singular, final record

For your case, you can create a table for meetings and create another one for participants. In the participants table you create a connected record field connecting to the meetings table. This way, every meeting in the meeting table will show you which participants are there.

Something like the video below: Screen Recording 2022-04-26 at - Google Drive

Thanks Marcos.

If I understanding correctly from the video, for each meeting you have to create new records of participants, right?

It’s not possible in that case to have a fixed number of participants, let’s say, only Marcos, Bruno, Paul and Mark

And then in one meeting select Marcos, Bruno and Paul…
In the next meeting select Bruno, Paul and Mark?

Because in the video example, you only write the first names of the meeting participants.

But what if you want the full name, department and job of the meeting participant?

That you would have on a table of participants that you create once.

Yeah, that’s right!

I believe you would like something like that: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

In this case you have to create a third table which is the “fixed” employees table and then also creates a connected record field in the participants table to link each participant to their employee register

Marcos, as far as I understand, n-n relationships are two n-1 relationships using a 3rd table

And I was able to reproduce that in Jestor!!! YEAH!

This is the n-n connecting table. It has a hidden ID column

Then a column connected to the Meeting Number and another column to the Participants list.

So from inside the the Meeting Number (You see, there are weekly meetings like “Quality”. So there is Quality Meeting 1, 2, 3… each can have different participants), I can select multiple participants.

As you can see, I selected 2 participants at meeting 26 and 3 at meeting 23.

One Meeting can have N participants, and each participant can have N meetings.

It’s not perfect. Inside a meeting, at Connected Records, I am seeing the n-n table, when ideally, I would be seeing the participants table (so seeing participant name, job, etc)

Marcos, I saw that part in bold in several places in the documentation

However, as I understand, a 1:1 connection is restricted to 1:1.

I found no way to RESTRICT connections in Jestor to be 1:1. You can always create new. (and I also didn´t find an answer on the article “3 Laws of Process Building”.)

Hey @RogerPenna

I’ll pass it on to the team as feedback/review!

At the moment you can only limit to 1:1 via low-code using validation triggers

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