All custom pages access denied

I (the only developer) have built a number of custom pages that are used by others and they are all suddenly inaccessible by anyone without a developer seat.

I have tried loading them with an admin user through
custom page blocks in apps built directly in Jestor

And none are working, they all throw a ‘blockaccess’ page and show this error:

Access Denied

You need a Developer seat to access this feature.

I do hope this is a bug (and not a new policy) because our primary reason for choosing Jestor in the first place was because of the low-code capability. I can’t imagine it’s intentional to restrict the pages themselves (rather than the ability to edit their code) to developer seats only.

This is a huge problem for us as we rely heavily on these custom built tools.

Thank you in advance,

- Paul

Hey @theotherpaul !

Until now, the “seats” (user type: member, no-code, developer) were open allowing free access to some additional functionality outside your plan based on the trust we have in our users. In the coming days, the “seat” will only access its own functions. Even Pro or Team accounts need to correctly assign seats. So please make sure your user is in the right seat to continue using :slightly_smiling_face:

Ex: If you access low-code, go to settings > users > select your user > seat type (developer) > save.

As you can see in our plan and price page, only developers have access to developers feature, so if you need more than one developer seat, you must acquire it.


Other users will have access to what you’ve built using the developer area, but they won’t be able to edit the structure if they are not a developer

Hey @marcos.figueiredo thank you for the quick reply,

The functionality that has been lost by non-developer users is not the ability to edit the low-code pages, or access the low-code tools, but the ability to see the pages created by them.

For example, the most used one by the member/admin seats is a simple calendar that was created with low-code but is viewed by them. Only I need to be able to actually edit the code, they need to be able to actually see the calendar though.

I can’t believe that a form I create, or an app that just displays information should require a developer seat, am I misunderstanding something here?

- Paul

Got it! That wasn’t supposed to happen, I’ll will open a ticket for the team to analyze what’s happening in your account :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I had a bit of a heart attack when one of the admins sent along the screen shot with the error.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting news.

- Paul

Could you please send me an example of a page that the other users are unable to access? Is this the one with legacy in the URL?

If so, nocode or member users aren’t allowed to access the old developer area, the legacy one.

To make thing more clear, could you send me a video showing what’s really happening?

one example URL is

this page is also used in a low-code block in a no-code app, same error

I included those links in my original post just for completeness, the way admin/members are viewing my created pages is through low-code blocks in apps created directly in jestor

Thanks! I’ll send it to the team :slight_smile:

@marcos.figueiredo I was just informed by one of our users that this was already fixed (and I confirmed with my test user)!

I don’t know if they were actively working on it already or it came from this thread but thank you very much, amazing response time!

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Great! :grin::grin:

Let us know if something new happens!

I absolutely will, thanks again!

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