Adding Google Maps to a dashboard – no code required

2 Steps to Add Google Maps to a dashboard

1. Create your embeddable HTML cod.

There are many tools available online to generate an embeddable HTML code for Google Maps. For this example, we’ll go with this one . All you have to do is type in the desired address and click on the button to get the code you’ll need for the next steps.

2. Create an app to see the map.

Create an app in Jestor and name it “Map App”. We’ll build one component in this app: an embedded component that shows our map.

  • Embedded : click on the + icon, then Embedded. Name it “Google Maps”, then paste the code you got in step one.

Resize the component to your liking and save.

In only two steps, you should now have a map embedded directly into your app! As we’ve said before, it can be really handy when you need to make some decisions. Is a customer too far away for delivery? Are there unexplored areas with potential customers nearby? That top-down view is one more tool to help you think out of the box!